Exam Review Materials

NOTE: These Power Point presentations are to be used for review purposes only. They contain copyrighted materials and should not be distributed to outside parties without the written permission of Mr. Laskowski. All copyrighted materials must be documented before used; for a complete list of sources, please contact Mr. Laskowski.

Review Materials for Introduction to American Government

Types of Government Slides Colonization Slides Colonial Relations Slides

Road to Revolution Slides

Revolutionary War slides Critical Period Slides Constitution Slides Bill of Rights Slides


Review Materials for Advanced Placement United States History

Early National Era Slides War of 1812 Slides Era of Good Feeling Slides Early Industrial Slides

Jacksonian Era Slides

Era of Reform Slides Expansion and Conflict Slides Road to Disunion Slides
Civil War Slides Reconstruction Slides Gilded Age Slides Progressivism Slides
World War I Slides Normalcy Slides New Deal Slides World War II Slides
Cold War Slides Sound Bite Society Slides

Imperialism Slides


APUSH Timeline (beta)