The Linkin' Memorial

Mr. Laskowski’s Links to Hundreds of Great History Sites

General Sources

The Unfinished Nation - learning links and discussion area
US History Web Links - links to aid in the study of US History
National Archives and Records Administration - excellent site!. . to ensure ready access to essential evidence . . . that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience
Library of Congress - Documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story
Mississippi State Historical Text Archive - huge source of historical documents
Links to the Past: National Park Service - discover the past through the National Parks
US House of Representatives - official homepage of the House
US Senate - official homepage of the Senate
The White House - official homepage of the White House
American Memory - historical collections from the Library of Congress
History Buff's Home Page - devoted to press coverage of events in American history
A Journey Towards Freedom - an online reference tool and a forum for discussion, developed by students for ThinkQuest
Historic Supreme Court Decisions by Topic - abortion to wiretapping
An Abridged History of the United States - provides an overview of American history
American History 102: 1865-Present University of Wisconsin - Madison - includes a great deal of information regarding American history
US Census Bureau - official web page
Historic Audio Archive - from Webcorp - historic sound clips from Nixon, Chamberlin, and many more
US History Out Loud - collecting audio materials from presidential libraries and other archives and digitizing them for use over the World Wide Web
The American Experience/The Presidents - features some of the most memorable Presidents of the Modern Presidency
World's Greatest Speeches - RA format
AP US History class @ North Shore Country Day School - The Writing Process, Tips on taking the AP Test, US History Links
The Concord Review - Exemplary essays by high school students of history from twenty countries
American Studies Web - from Georgetown
History Net - American History Archives. Great site!
History On-Line - Historical Research Website
History on the Web - Links from Augsburg College
American Studies Online - The American Studies Web is a fully searchable guide to online American Studies resources
Anatomy of a Murder - A Trip through the US Justice System
Core Documents of US Democracy - direct online access to the basic Federal Government documents that define our democratic society
EyeWitness - history through the eyes of those who lived it
American History : The History Net Archives
American Memory Collection - from the Library of Congress
Anti-Imperialism in the United States - Jim Zwick, Syracuse University
Era of William McKinley - Dept. of History Ohio State
From Revolution to Reconstruction - A Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times
The Great Chicago Fire - from the Chicago Historical Society
Historical US Census Data - from 1790 to 1860
Historical Maps of the United States - from the University of Texas
Invention Dimension - Information on famous inventors and their inventions
Caleb Johnson's Mayflower Web Pages - good source for teachers or students interested in early Colonial History
Presidential Libraries IDEA Network - information about Presidents and First Ladies
Primary Sources and Activities - from National Archives and Records Administration
Dan Rankin's Homepage: Stephen F. Austin University
Presidents of the United States - from the Internet Public Library
Rare Map Collection - from the University of Georgia Libraries
American History Sources for Students - great links divided into periods
The African American Journey - A World Book Special Report
The American People - a textbooks homepage with fabolous resources like primary documents for each chapter
AP US History - great site, lots of links resources

Colonial Period

The American Revolution Online
Jamestown Rediscovery Project - ten-year interdisciplinary project searching for the remains of 1607 Jamestown
Archiving Early America - primary source materials
Mount Vernon Educational Resource - official web site of George Washington's historic home
Washington's Farewell Address - a transcription of the final manuscript of the address
The Mayflower Compact - a hypertext version of the original document
Fundamental Orders of Conneticut - historical document
First Thanksgiving Proclamation - historical document
Quakers - an introduction to Quakerism
Salem, Massachusetts What About Witches - from Salem's website descriptions of the trials
The Albany Plan - a hypertext document
Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History - reviews his life in different stages
The Federalist Papers - complete online texts
Articles of Confederation - brief summary and a link to the original from Archiving Early America
Whiskey Rebellion - brief summary and a link to the original order from George Washington from Archiving Early America
US Constitution - hypertext version of the original
Declaration of Independence - online text
Yankee Doodle - song lyrics
Common Sense by Thomas Paine - from the Modern History Sourcebook
Bill of Rights - online text
Historic Philadelphia - links to historic people and events related to Philly
1755 French and Indian War - lots of resources related to the war including a brief historical summary
John Adams - a biography from White
George Washington -a biography from White
Paul Revere House - the historic house on line with biography and more
Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution - explore battles of the Revolutionary War

Jeffersonian Era to Jacksonian Democracy

Jeffersonian Era -Links from McGraw-Hill
The Federalist Party - From Information Please
Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the election of 1800 - a short description of the election
Growth of the Nation 1800-1840 Lecture Notes by Dan Rankin
The Formation of a National Government - Notes from an online history text
Marshall Court - read some full texts of his decisions from Cornell Law
John Marshall - a biography
Thomas Jefferson - a biography from White
James Madison - a biography from White
James Monroe - a biography from White
John Quincy Adams - a biography from White
Andrew Jackson - a biography from White
Andrew Jackson - Excellent! another biography ... more detailed
The Trail of Tears - from North Georgia history
The War of 1812 - from Multieducator
Fort McHenry National Monument - information about the fort and the War of 1812
The American Whig Party - a brief history of this brief party
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade - is an on-line Research Center devoted to the history, traditions, tools, and mode of living, of the trappers, explorers, and traders known as the Mountain Men
Lewis and Clark - links from Miss. State Archives
Exploring the West from Monticello - the story of Lewis and Clark's exploration

Western Expansion

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center - uses living history interpretations and exhibits that immerse visitors in the dreams, desires and adventures of those who made the journey west
America's West - Development and History - from the Frontier and Pioneer days of the Wild West, to today's Modern West
Donner Online - cooperative learning activity with links for exploring the Oregon Trail and the fate of the Donner Party
California Gold Rush - a page dedicated to the Gold Rush
California Gold Rush Country - take a virtual tour or discover how 49ers made their way West
Transcontinental Railroad - from the Museum of the City of San Francisco
Battle of Little Big Horn - archaeoloygy and history


US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) - offiial web page
American Immigration Page - great source of information about immigration
American Immigration - Lots of information about immigration by time period. Student project.
The Chinese Exclusion Act - a hypertext markup of the original bill

Setionalism and Civil War

Virtual Antebellum Richmond - take a virtual tour of Richmond before the Civil War
Secession Era Editorials Project - editorials from US Newspapers
Dred Scott Decision - a copy of the actual court documents
James K. Polk - a biography from the White
Zachary Taylor - a biography from the White
Millard Fillmore - a biography from the White
Franklin Pierce - a biography from the White
James Buchanan - a biography from the White
Abraham Lincoln - a biography from the White
The Mexican-American War 1847 - from SunSite
John Brown - chronology of events, biography, eye witness accounts, and more
Compromise of 1850 - from Worldbook
Compromise of 1850 - a map showing which areas would be slave, free, or "open"
Robert E. Lee - a biography and more
Ulysses S. Grant -a page dedicate to the Northern General and later President, tons of stuff
General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson - a short biography
Antietam on the Web - a site dedicated to remembering the bloodiest battle of the Civil War
Manassas National Battlefield Park - great site for discovering 1st and 2nd Battles of Manassas (Bull Run)
Battle of Shiloh - a brief description of the battle
Battle of Gettysburg - take a tour of the three day battle
Battle of Gettysburg - a lot of information and resources related to the battle
US Civil War Center - "To locate, index, and / or make available all appropriate private and public data regarding the Civil War."
The American Civil War Homepage - a ton of links to aid in the study of the Civil War
The Civil War Home Page - links, letters, photos and more
US Civil War
American Civil War - Civil War Timeline, State Battle Maps, Alphabetic Battle Listing, and more!
A Nation Divided - from the History Place a chronological format
Abraham Lincoln Online - everything you'd ever want to know about #16
Civil War Information Archive - loads of Civil War stuff
Civil War Resources - from the Virginia Military Insitute Archives
New World Slavery - from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Pictures of the Civil War - from the National Archives and Records Adminisration

Industrial Revolution and Reform

Martin Van Buren - a biography from the White
William Henry Harrison - a biography from the White
John Tyler - a biography from the White
Walt Whitman Archives - texts, biography, and more
Henry David Thoreau - texts, quotes, biography, and more
Nathaniel Hawthorne - the life, time, and works or Hawthorne
The Know Nothings - an encyclopedia overview from Information Please
The Transportation Revolution - actually a syllabus page for a Syracuse University Course, good links!
Telegraphy Lore - someone's telegraphy page with history, the code, and more
Notes on the Industrial Revolution - slide show type notes from East Tennesse State University Online
The Underground Railroad - loads in information from UC Davis
From Slavery to Freedom from The African American Journey a World Book Special Report
Conflict of Abolition and Slavery - from the African-American Mosaic, Library of Congress
Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments - The text
The Life and Works of Herman Melville - biography, works, whales, and more
The Last of the Mohicans - by James Fenimore Cooper
Fredrick Douglass - National Historic Site
Harriet Beecher Stowe - biography, texts, and more
Ralph Waldo Emerson - a page created by someone who must really like Emerson
Brook Farm - encyclopedia style information from information please
Trail of Hope: The Moromon Trail - from
Horace Mann from Report of the Massachusetts Board of Education (1848) - from The American People
Lucretia Mott - a biography and links from students at University of Maryland
Elizabeth Cady Stanton - a biography and links from the National Park Service
Dorothea Dix - a biography and links form students at University of Maryland
William Lloyd Garrison - encyclopedia style information from Encarta
William Lloyd Garrison - from the Liberator 1831
Fredrick Douglas - a biography
Fredrick Douglas - from the National Park Service
Uncle Tom's Cabin - full electronic text
Harriet Beecher Stowe - a biography with links
Cotton Gin - from the Modern History Sourcebook
steam engine - brief explanation about the development of the steam engine
James Watt - a biography written in 1925
A New View of Society... - by Robert Owens
The Subjection of Women - from the Modern History Sourcebook
Susan B. Anthony (1869) - from the Modern History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook - links for the Industrial Revolution


Andrew Johnson - a biography from the White
Ulysses S. Grant - a biography from the White
After the War - information about Jim Crow laws and more after the war
Plessy v. Ferguson - information about the Supreme Court decision
Recontructing a Nation - webnotes from an online college history course

The Gilded Age, Progressivism, and Imperialism

Child Labor in the US 1908-1912 - photos with narrative of children at work
Progressivism and the Republican Roosevelt, 1901-1912 - Outline
Progressivism - another outline
America in the Gilded Age - from the American Experience (PBS)
Cartoons from the Gilded Age and Progressive Era - from Ohio State
William Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold Speech - given at the Democratic National Convention 1896
William Jennings Bryan - a brief biography from Grolier Online
Coal Mining in the Gilded Age - pictures and text
The Gilded Age - text and archives from Hanover College
'The White Man's Burden and its critics - text of the poem and anti-imperialist responses.
Philippine-American War - a chronology, maps, statistics, FAQ, editorial cartoons of the day, details on weapons used, and more. From the Philippine-American War Centennial Initiative.
Age of Imperialism - an online history from small planet
The Rough Riders by Theodore Roosevelt - a first hand account
Spanish-American War Centennial Page - site delving into all aspects of the Spanish American War, including the issues of Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. homefront.
Rutherford B. Hayes - a biography from the White
James Garfield - a biography from the White
Chester A Arthur - a biography from the White
Grover Cleveland - a biography from the White
Benjamin Harrison - a biography from the White
William McKinley - a biography from the White
Theodore Roosevelt - a biography from the White
William Howard Taft - a biography from the White
The Gilded Age and monetary questions - from Ohio State

World War I

World War I - Trenches on the Web - THE place to go for World War I on the Internet
WWI Document Archive - This archive of primary documents from World War I has been assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List
The Great European and World War - study guide and notes about WWI
July 28, 1914 - Austria declared war on Serbia
The Western Front - summary of fighting on the Western Front from the War Times Journal
The Schlieffen Plan - a description on Germany's war plan
airplanes - The Aerodome - Aces and Aircraft of WWI
submarines - Uboat warfare 1914-1918
Verdun - description of the battle with a quiz you can take too!
The Eastern Front - summary of fighting on the Eastern Front from the War Times Journal
Armenian Massacre: 1915 - brief description of the massacre
propaganda - see some examples
Zimmerman note - text of the notes
April 1917 - President Wilson's war message
Wilson - biographical information from the Whitehouse's web site
November 11, 1918 - brief summary of events at the end of the war
The Fourteen Points - the text of Wilson's speech
Treaty of Versailles - the complete treaty all 440 articles
influenza (the flu) epidemic - transcript from news program that discussed the epidemic
Punch: British Propaganda from 1914-1915 - this is a collection of articles, poems, and stories which appeared in Punch, the British humor magazine, in 1914 and 1915
WWI - The Great War - page written by a high school teacher for students, excellent
Great War - PBS Online - provides greater depth to the events, places and figures addressed in the television series
The Great War 1914-1918 - an individual's homepage about WWI, lots of links and information
History File: Yugoslavia and The Balkans - from BBC News
Woodrow Wilson - a biography from White House . gov

Roaring 20s

American Prohibition - from Ohio State History Dept.
Women Win the Vote - from the National Women's History Project
The 19th Amendment - the document plus some pictures
History of the Suffrage Movement - from the University of Rochester
Scope "Monkey Trial" - descriptions of all the key participants and clippings from the news reports of the time.
Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti - includes interviews, letters, and video clips.
The 1920s - the Web's very first comprehensive site devoted to the 1920s.
Warren G. Harding - a biography from the White
Calvin Coolidge - a biography from the White
Prohibition 1920-1933 - from Michigan State University
The Red Scare - a reading excerpt from Sonoma State University

The Depression

Radio Days: A Soundbite History - old radio shows from the Depression Era
The Stock Market - an explanation of what it is and how it works
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum - visit the museum online
The New Deal Network - events, achievements, and personalities associated with the New Deal
The Lindbergh Trial - information about the kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby and the trial that followed
Herbert Hoover - a biography from the White
Franklin D. Roosevelt- a biography from the White

World War II

Mussolini - Encyclopedia aritcle from Grolier
Invasion of Ethiopia - timeline of events
Civil war in Spain - brief analysis with some pictures
peace in our time - comments by Neville Chamberlin after Berlin Conference (text)
Munich Pact - the text
Neville Chamberlin upon returns home from the Munich Conference - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
Chancellor Adolf Hitler On the Occasion of Germany's Occupation of the Sudentenland - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
Maginot Line - Encyclopedia aritcle from Grolier
Germany occupies northern France - links to pictures and readings
Battle of Britain - brief description of the fighting
hear Winston Chruchill address the nation on the R.A.F. - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
Lend-Lease Act - the text
Battle of Stalingrad - an account of this decisive battle
Holocaust - a cybrary of the Holocaust (for more Holocaust links click here)
Resistance Movements - brief descriptions with links to more information
Pearl Harbor - Pearl Harbor Remembered Site with lots of information on the attack
A day that which will live in infamy.. - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
The invasion of France - page after page of information about D-Day focus on airpower
D-Day - site made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of D-Day
atomic bomb - documents on the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
August 6, 1945 bombing of Hiroshima - information from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
August 9, 1945 bombing of Nagasaki - remembersing Nagasaki from the Exploratorium
War crimes - Encyclopedia aritcle from Grolier
Japanese American Internment - lots of links about this event
The History Place - WWII in Europe - timeline with photos and text - information about submarine warfare 1939-1945
WWII Timeline - lots of information and links
WWII Resources - Primary source materials on the Web. Original documents regarding all aspects of the war.
WWII Homepages - links to WWII Homepages
Franklin D. Roosevelt- a biography from the White
Harry Truman- a biography from the White


Cybrary of the Holocaust - Loads of information about the Holocaust. Includes a Teacher's Guide to teaching the Holocaust
US Holocaust Memorial Museum - Find out about the Museum and the Holocaust. Includes a Teacher's Guide and guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust
Simon Wiesenthal Center Home Page - visit the Museum of Tolerance
L'Chaim a Holocaust Web Project - Memories & visions of the Holocaust, links, Dachau Virtual Tour
Responses to the Holocaust - a hypermedia sourcebook for the humanities

Cold War

The United Nations - UN Homepage
The UN Charter - the text
General Assembly - brief background on what the GA does from the UN
Security Council - brief background on what the Security Council does from the UN
Truman Doctrine - text of the speech
Marshall Plan - Marshall's speech at Harvard 1947
The Marshall Plan - design, accomplishments, and relevance to the present
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - NATO's homepage
Space Race - history of space exploration timeline
Antarctic Treaty - information about the treaty
Berlin Wall - background, construction, measurements, fall
Cuban Missile Crisis - introduction, chronology, selected glossary, photos, transcripts
Cuban Missile Crisis - Real Audio site featuring audio clips from the confrontation
hear US Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson's confrontation over the presence of Russian missiles in Cuba - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
France recent history and political life in France
Sec. of State John Foster Dulles On the Fall of Dien Bien Phu - real audio from the History Channel's great speeches collection
The Fifth Republic - explains the roles of government officials
The Cold War - site that explores some interesting people and events of the Cold War
France 1945-1995 - history since the fourth republic Cold War - from the Soviet Archives exhibit
O'Neill High School Student Project on the Cold War - self quiz, survey, links, and more
Cold War Warrior Website - written by an airforce veteran
Dwigh D. Eisenhower- a biography from the White
John F. Kennedy- a biography from the White
Lyndon B. Johnson- a biography from the White
Richard M. Nixon- a biography from the White
Gerald R. Ford- a biography from the White
Jimmy Carter- a biography from the White
Ronald Reagan- a biography from the White
George Bush- a biography from the White
The Nuclear Files- timeline, documents, sound clips, video clips, and more

Korean War

Korean War - web page dedicated to the "forgotten war"

Civil Rights

Martin Luther King Jr. - the man, the movement, the legacy, the holiday, and more
Civil Rights Timeline - created by Western Michigan University Political Science students
Jackie Robinson: Beyond the Playing Field - Ten lessons with primary documents related to civil rights, character education, and citizenship

Vietnam War

Vietnam War - documents found at Mississippi State University

War Dogs