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Advanced Placement United States History

Take Me Out to the Bulls' Game!

A Curriculum Development Project for the Fifth Annual

Durham Bulls Time Warner Education Day

Wednesday, April 19, 2006, 11:00 am

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, North Carolina


In 2002, the Durham Bulls minor league baseball franchise decided to strengthen\ its commitment to community involvement by holding its first-ever Education Day. The goal was not only to have teachers and students (grades 2-8) come to the ballpark for a game, but also to provide selected students with the opportunity to take part in on-field promotions and to interview players. The rest of the students were encouraged to comput batting averages, measure the dimensions of the baseball field, learn about weather and wind, read and recite baseball literature, and even take a baseball-themed history quiz.

But Education Day was not designed to be just a glorified field trip. Especially because the game was to be held during school hours, the Bulls management realized that it to develop a comprehensive list of activities for students to participate in, both before Education Day and once they arrived at the ballpark. The result was the Education Day Curriculum Lesson Plan Packet located below.

Education Day Curriculum Lesson Plan Packet



As you can see by reading the Lesson Plan Packet, activities were designed with specific subjects and grade levels in mind, and they were linked to the North Carolina state curriculum. Some were creative and fun; others were arguably lame and perfunctory. But by and large, Education Day was a smashing success! Over the next three years, Education Day continued to grow in size and popularity. Last year's game was a sell-out!

The Activity

As the Bulls prepare for the fifth annual Education Day, it is clear that the Lesson Plan Packet needs to be updated with newer, fresher, more fun and more creative activities. That is where you come in. During our first week back from break, students in Mr. Laskowski's three AP classes will be working in groups to develop newer, better ideas for the activities that correspond to each. Every grade level (from 2nd to 8th grade) and subject (social studies, science, English, and math) will be open for revision. By the end of the week, we will submit a completed list of our best ideas to the fine folks at the Durham Bulls. Creative, wacky ideas are welcome, but you must submit your ideas electronically, using the following "Lesson Plan Ideas Worksheet."

Lesson Plan Ideas Worksheet


The Challenge

You are, of course, brilliant and filled with great ideas, and you will be richly rewarded for your active and focused participation in this activity. In addition, the twenty best ideas (as decided on by Mr. Laskowski) will earn their owners a ridiculous amount of extra credit... which should come in handy as we come to the end of the semester. However, let's raise the stakes a little bit. The person (or group) who has the most ideas incorporated by the Bulls into the 2006 Lesson Plan Packet will receive two free tickets to a Durham Bulls game this season!

The Timetable

We will be working on this project in class on Thursday, January 5th, and your completed list of ideas must be submitted to Mr. Laskowski by Friday, January 6th. However, there is nothing to stop you from reviewing the existing Lesson Plan Packet over the holiday break and getting a head start on developing ideas over the holiday break. Ideally, you will come back to school in January with a list of 10-20 ideas already in hand. Remember, the more ideas you have, the greater the likelihood of earning those extra credit points and/or those free tickets!

Your Umpire

If you have any questions, either now, during the holiday break, or as we are completing this activity in class, please feel free to contact Mr. Laskowski.

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