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Students who wish to be inducted into the Cliosophic Society must:

Standard of Eligibility
Any student who achieves a semester grade of an A- or above (93-100) in any Social Studies course in grades 9-12 is eligible to apply for membership in the Ravenscroft Cliosophic Society. The Faculty Sponsor of the Society will gather the names of all eligible students and inform them of their eligibility, announcing their names at Morning Meeting and presenting them with a letter explaining the application process. Once determined to be eligible, a student will remain eligible for the rest of his or her academic career, so long as social studies grades in subsequent semesters do not dip below a B+ (90).

The Application Process
Because the Cliosophic Society is an honor society, students must demonstrate excellence not only in the classroom and but also in scholarship. Accordingly, eligible students who wish to be inducted into the Cliosophic Society must have completed a major research paper. This paper can begin as an assignment for a History class or as a Composition class project, but it must then be expanded under the direction of a faculty member and presented to a committee of History Department Teachers. If the department approves of the work, then the paper will be submitted for publication in the Concord Review, and the student will be inducted into the Ravenscroft Cliosophic Society at a ceremony in front of the Upper School; at that time, they will be given a certificate and a book.

Completing the Research Paper
Students should use the following procedure in order to complete research paper:
Determine an Area of Academic Interest: Students should focus on subjects that they love, whether European History or modern American politics.
Select a Topic for Independent Research: Students should narrow down their topic of study, one both challenging and rewarding, and then write an abstract on the proposed project topic. NOTE: Students may choose to modify research papers they have already completed for class assignments, so long as the topic is history or social studies.
Choose an Advisor to Help Guide Research: Students should complete their research under the direction of an advisor (a member of the History faculty). Each advisor and student may determine the parameters of the research, including paper length and degree of detail, but the emphasis should be on outstanding scholarship.
The work must be a piece of original scholarship, fully documented and supported.
Formally Present Independent Research: After the student completes the project, he or she must present and defend the work to a committee consisting of members of the History faculty at one of two pre-arranged presentation meetings.

After being notified of their eligibility, students may take as much time as necessary to complete the Independent Research assignment. Typically, students should aim to complete their research within nine months of eligibility. There will be two times for students to present their findings, the first in the week following February vacation and the second in the second week of September.


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