Video Tutorials


Big6 Research Process

Task Definition
Developing Essential Questions for your Research Paper - 3 min

Location and Access of Sources
Finding Books in the Library & Technology Center - 3 min
Ravens ONE Search - finding and citing resources - 9 min
Points of View Database
EBSCOhost Database - 6 min (includes EasyBib)
Searching for books at NCSU - 10 minutes (password needed)

Use of Information
Quick MLA and Parenthetical Citation - 2:22
Using EasyBib - 8 minutes
Taking Notes using EasyBib - 2:36
Creating an Annotated Bibliography - 12 min.

Synthesis - creating your product
Creating Outlines in EasyBib - 5:43
MLA Format - including a template you can use to make your paper Perfect! - 1:47
Creating Prezi Presentations - 7:55

Library and Technology Tips

Google Calendar - Learn how to organize your personal calendar to add school events, outside events, and Veracross Assignments and calendar. Also, view the calendar from your phone. - 3 minutes

Library Orientation - 4 minutes