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Citation Examples – Periodicals


Author’s last name, First name. “Article.” Periodical Title. Date: page numbers. Print.


Signed Article in a Magazine

Kluger, Jeffrey. “The New Science of Siblings.” Time. July 10, 2006: 47+. Print.

Unsigned Article in a Magazine

“Coming Soon to a Yard Near You.” US News and World Report. July 3-10, 2006: 67. Print.

Signed Newspaper Article

Wilke, John R. “Senate Panel Plans Hearings Over Microsoft.” The Wall Street Journal. July 24, 2001: A3. Print.

Unsigned Newspaper Article

“Judicial Races May Need Public Financing.” The News and Observer. 23 July 2001: A5. Print.

Academic Journal Article -with volume, issue, year, and page numbers

Richardson, Darlene. “Reconstructing a community with Oral History.” The Oral History Review. 29.2 (2002): 97-103. Print.

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