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Ravenscroft Libraries, and most K-12 schools use the Dewey Decimal System to organize their collections. The Dewey Decimal System makes it easy to browse if you find the general area you are looking for, with books separated in 10 categories ranging from 000-999. Here is a diagram of our library, and where you can find Fiction and Non-Fiction Books.

This video, will give you an orientation to browsing for books or finding specific books.

Use our online library catalog, Alexandria, to find items by call number in our Library and Technology Center.


In our online catalog, just to type in the blank and hit enter will search within all parts of a catalog record. Use this “All Words” search to get the most results (or “hits”). “All Words,” also called “Keyword,” is a better choice than “Title,” “Author,” or “Subject” because the search engine uses a formula to look in all areas of the record. A title search will only look in the title field of the items in our library; the author search will only look for the author. “All Words” will find all items with this word or phrase by searching in the title, author, and subject fields of each record for each item in our library.

Not Getting Hits?

If you aren’t getting search results, be sure to:

  • Check spelling
  • Consider alternate keywords
  • Be more general (e.g. use dog instead of poodle)


Entering the search phrase davinci will result in no hits. Although capitalization doesn’t matter, the missing space does. The appropriate search term would be da vinci which would return several items from a variety of sources.

da Vinci in the Title field:
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, in our fiction section at F Brown

da Vinci in the Subject field:
The World of Leonardo, 1452-1519 by Robert Wallace at 709.2 Wal

da Vinci in the Author field:
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, v.2 by Leonardo Da Vinci, found at 759. 02 Leo

Different assignments may require different types of sources. A poster project may require one good book on the subject, but a research paper requires the use of many sources to compile information.

If you’d like to browse the shelves, use this chart to direct you to the area of the library that you need.

Dewey Decimal Classifications

000 General 001 Mysteries 005 Computer Programming/ Programs 070 News Media/ Journalism 081 Quotes
100 Philosophy& Psychology 135 Dreams 150 Psychology 170 Ethics

180 Philosophy

200 Religion 220 Bible
230 Christianity
267 Judaism 291 Comparative Religions 297 Islam
300 Social Sciences

302 Social Psychology, Mass Media, Sociology
305.2 Teenagers
305.4 Women's Issues
305.8 Race Issues

320 Political Science
323 Civil Rights
330 Economics
333 Environmental Issues

340 Law
350 Public Administration/ Military
364 Criminology and True Crime
370 Education

380 Trade, commerce, communications, transportation
390 Customs etiquette, folklore

400 Languages 420 English 440 French
460 Spanish
470 Latin
480 Greek
490 Mandarin and other Languages
500 Natural Science and Mathematics

510 Math
530 Physics

540 Chemistry
550 Weather and Climate

570 Life Sciences
574 Biology

580 Plants
590 Zoology

600 Technology (Applied Sciences) 610 Medicine 620 Engineering 630 Agriculture 670 Manufacturing
700 Arts and Sports

720 Architecture
730 Sculpture

740 Drawing
750 Painting
770 Photography

780 Music
790 Recreation, Games, Sports

796 Team Sports
797 Aquatics
799 Fishing, Hunting

800 Literature

811 Poetry
812 Drama

813 American Literature

820 English Literature
822.3 Shakespeare

830-899 Literatures of Other Languages
900 Geography and History 910 Geography and Travel 930 History of Ancient World 940 History of Europe
970 History of North America
973 US History
980 History of South America

Ravenscroft Library and Technology Center is always building a collection of items that students will use for both assignments and independent reading. If you cannot find what you need at Ravenscroft, you can notify a librarian by emailing the title and ISBN number to Then we can determine if it should be purchased as an addition for our collection.

Other Libraries

In the Triangle, we are lucky to have three major universities and the wonderful Wake County Library System. If you cannot find what you need on our campus, try one of these libraries. Their websites include online catalogs, directions, and hours.

Wake County Public Library

Try out their ebooks and audio books, they have an amazing collection!
North Regional Branch
7009 Harps Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919-870-4000

Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday 10 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Head out Ravenscroft Drive towards Newton, take a left on Newton, and a left on Harps Mill. It is one block on the left.
It is easy to search in the catalog and reserve a book to be sent to your local branch for pick up. You need a WCPL card and PIN number. To get one bring a photo ID with your Wake County address or a photo ID with proof of address like a utility bill or check.

University Library Websites

NC State
UNC – Chapel Hill

Library of Congress System - If you are doing research and have access to a college or university library, you should familiarize yourself with the Library of Congress classification system. It has more possiblities for classification than Dewey, so larger libraries use it for more specific cataloging.

A General WorksL Education
B Philosophy/Psychology/ReligionM Music
C HistoryN Fine Arts
D World HistoryP Languages and Literature
E American HistoryQ Science
F Local History and other N and S AmericaR Medicine
G Geography/Anthropology/RecreationS Agriculture
H Social SciencesT Technology (Engineering)
J Political ScienceU Military Science, V Naval Science
K LawZ Bibliographies and Library Science

Here is a guide for finding books using LC Classification.

North Carolina State University -
DH Hill Library

Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27695
Hours Posted Here
For online map directions use this address:
2 W Broughton Drive Raleigh, NC 27695

Trip Details Here for Ravenscroft Students.

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