Presenting your Research using Prezi

prezi is a free online tool to create a large canvas to see a spatial layout. Our goal is for you to present your research using new technology that produces a personalized interpretation of your learning. 

  • Here is a good example of using video to draw in the audience: Nuclear Weapons and how they Changed Warfare (go through the map of Raleigh to see a nice graphic showing comparisons of Atomic Bombs)
  • Here is an example of a drawing scanned as a backdrop photo: Coco Chanel (in critique, it is wordy and has too many slides)
  • Other Good Samples: Sally Mann, American Architecture, World War II Medicine, Bipolar Disorder, Music on the Mind, Andy Warhol, Fall 2011 Comp Classes, Spring 2012 Comp Classes, 2012-13 Comp Classes.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the RUBRIC for this assignment. As mentioned with the Coco and the Nuclear Weapons examples above, we're looking for a balance of graphics and words as you tell your story of research! Use the Prezi to complement your oral presentation. Once you're ready to begin, watch this Video Tutorial on how to get started!

    To Begin:
    From, choose "Sign up" and then scroll to the right for Student/Teacher Licenses -education Create the free EDUEnjoy account using your school email address and to show we're part of a school. Choose the "Edu Enjoy" account. Check your email for confirmation and then you can get started.

    • Create a new Prezi and make it Public, sending a link to your teacher, so we can see it the day you present.
      • Insert text by double-clicking in an open area to get a text box.
      • Save images to your desktop or use the URL to insert images from your documents (it doesn't cut and paste images).
      • Cut and paste addresses of YouTube videos to add a video.
      • Edit to make some objects bigger than others to show emphasis.
      • Zoom into topics to develop ideas.
      • Create relationships by connecting these ideas with the Path feature.
      • You can always change colors by choosing "Colors and Fonts" 
    • To collaborate, click on "Invite Editors" at the bottom of your Prezi and email the link to a partner.
    • See for other tips and FAQs
    • See the Prezi manual and online tutorials at

    Before you present:
    1. Make your Prezi and make sure it has a Title on the start screen
    2. Practice going through the steps often, make any changes to create a nice flow and sequence
    3. Unlock it to the Public, so it can be found by those searching on





    Share the main ideas from the research paper showing notable insight and understanding of the topic.

    Don’t read a list of tiny details, share the story of your research and your major findings.


    Use the strengths of Prezi to create an effective and compelling presentation.

    Get to know Prezi.  It may take some time to learn the buttons/zoom/features, but once you do, you can make it work for you!


    Include appropriate visual images (and the appropriate number) to illustrate the topic.

    We think 20 steps to your Prezi is probably the maximum number you want to use.

    Save images and videos to your computer then load them into your Prezi.  Take photos or find copyright-free (shared) images from Flickr and Google’s Life Magazine images @

    YouTube Videos should be relevant and can be added with a link to the URL, but don't show more than 30 seconds of a video. Scroll within the frame to show us the part you want to show.

    At the end of your prezi, you need a Works Cited, listing all of your images and videos and their original (not Google images) URL.


    No spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.

    Prezi doesn’t have spell check so proofread your presentation for errors.

    Works Cited

    Sources are given on the last slide of the presentation to let the viewer know about the works, images, and videos used in the presentation.

    For the actual source of information, your Comp Paper is the source. Cite yourself first:

    Cross, Blair. Oz: Reality or Fiction?  Composition Class Research Paper. Ravenscroft School. Dec. 9, 2005. Print.

    Images and YouTube videos can be just the name of the file and address of the image or video.
    Use this example

    Public Speaking

    Prezi is used to enhance verbal information.

    You're not reading from the screen, you are using the screen to provide a framework for your presentation.


Rubric for Composition Research Paper Presentation using Prezi







ation of Research Topic


Share the main ideas from the research paper showing insight and understanding of the topic. 

Ideas from the paper are shared effectively but not completely.

Content is not complete, showing holes in the research or ability to share the whole story.

Main ideas are not clear and/or there are factual errors.  No outline or structure.


  1. Why you were interested in topic
  2. Research Questions
  3. Forecasts main points, giving thesis






Little to None





Little to None

Transitions and Clarity




Little to None


Concludes with discoveries and future of topic (when necessary)


Limited Conclusion

Simply ends the presentation.

Content/ Design Principles


Uses the strengths of Prezi to create an effective and compelling presentation.


Presentation is attractive and easy to follow.  Technology is used to share information in a new way.

Even though there are good parts, consistency is the problem as the presentation loses focus.
Some bulleted lists but relevant.

This presentation doesn’t hold the audience’s attention because of its lack of direction.

Too much text.


Includes appropriate visual images to illustrate the topic.

Some images were appropriate to topic.

Images were unrelated to topic.

Images were not used.


Correct grammar, spelling,  punctuation and usage.

Minimal errors

Some errors

Multiple mechanical errors.

Works Cited

Sources are listed by giving credit to the author of quotes, giving a URL for each video or image, and including a citation for your research paper.

Some sources and/or URLs are missing.

Many sources missing.

No sources cited.


Public Speaking

Uses Prezi as a visual aid to the presentation

Prezi is used to enhance verbal information.



Verbal input minimal.

Eye Contact with Audience

Constant eye contact with all audience members



Reading from  note card or screen.

Demeanor and dress

Dressing and acting professionally.



Gum. Unprofessional remarks or attitude. Leaning on podium.

Vocal Mannerisms

Uses a strong and distinct voice, varying pitch and tone. Pronounces words correctly.



Uses words such as “uh, like, you know”


PDF of Rubric

Results from the surveying the first group of Prezi-makers!

Ravenscroft Library and English Departments 2012