LTS Leadership Team

Responsible for the collaboration, support, continuity, and communication of the work done by the LTS department.

Library Services Team

Angela Finn, Department Chair, MS Librarian

Elise Thrash, US Librarian

Maria Ramusevic, MS/US Library Assistant

Rhonda Zayas-Palmer, LS Librarian

Mary Catherine Phelps, LS Library Assistant

Collaborate with teachers to provide powerful learning experiences through integrated instructional activities
Teach students the critical thinking, technology, and literacy skills to ask good questions and investigate answers.
Provide equitable access to resources that creates and sustains the atmosphere of free inquiry and fosters a love of reading.
Support students in making sense of information they find to develop new understandings.
Instructional Technology Services Team

Kathleen Christopher, Department Chair, Academic Computing Coordinator

Cindy Fordham, Instructional Technology Specialist (LS)

Gary Duggan, Technology Instructor (MS)

Alfie Hobbs, Computer Science Instructor (US)

Plan instruction to enhance student outcomes.
Partner with classroom teachers for instruction.
Reflect on lessons and units to improve student achievement

Technology Services Team

Gerald Pinkerton, Network Services & Support Manager

Jason Willert, System Administrator

Alix Charles, Information Technology Specialist (Chromebook Support)

Cedric Harrison, Information Technology Specialist (Helpdesk Team)

Matt Zeblo, Information Technology Specialist (Helpdesk Team)

Respond to users software and hardware issues.
Evaluate immediate and long term technology needs.
Plan and execute hardware and software projects


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